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DAB044 Citizen participation in the Bratislava cross-border agglomeration

Job/Projektdetails - DAB044 Citizen participation in the Bratislava cross-border agglomeration
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  Organisationszugehörigkeit Regionalentwicklungsorganisation  
  Themengeber NÖ.Regional.GmbH  
  Website www.noeregional.at  
  Kurztitel des Vorhabens DAB044 Citizen participation in the Bratislava cross-border agglomeration
  (gewünschte) betreuende Universität FH Wr. Neustadt, FH Burgenland or universities in Vienna/Bratislava  
  (gesuchte) Studienrichtung Communication, Sociology, European studies, Geography, Spatial planning, etc.  
  Projektart im Rahmen einer Lehrveranstaltung  
  Hauptfragestellung(en) Formulierung der Themenstellung, die erarbeitet werden soll The main goal is the development of a concept on how citizen participation may work across the Austrian/Slovakian border in the urban region of Bratislava.
Expertise of existing citizen participation models in Europe (e.g. the model of Straßburg/Kehl (FR-GER), the model of Weinviertel/Southern Moravia (AT-CZ) and existing expertise of the Association of European Border Regions) should be considered as a basis. Also the planned citizen participation activity “border walks” in the Bratislava region should be considered in the concept. Special emphasis should be placed on the involvement of Slovak citizens living in Austria and on the involvement of women. The contributions of citizens are especially needed to generate ideas on how to diminish existing barriers in the cross-border context and on how to generate new co-operations across borders.
The co-operation with students should help the project managers of the BAUM area (BratislavA Umland Management) to find a suitable co-operation model for citizens. Therefore, we expect in a first phase some general research about suitable models for citizen participation. In a second phase, we would like to filter out – together with the students – the two most suitable models and receive an in depth proposal on these. The elaboration of this academic concept should also incorporate 1 public meeting where citizens of the BAUM area can give their contributions/where the preliminary concept is tested (this meeting may be scheduled jointly with one of the planned BAUM “border walks”).
The current BAUM-cooperation covers the following area: The federal states of Lower Austria (in specific:10 municipalities of the LEADER region Römerland Carnuntum and 4 municipalities of the LEADER region Marchfeld), the federal state of Burgenland (4 municipalities) and 8 city districts of Bratislava that are located along the Austrian/Slovak border. Thus, also the citizen participation model should deal with this area: http://www.projekt-baum.eu/assets/Image.ashx?id_org=700029&id_obrazky=1072 />
  Ergebnisse, die von der Arbeit erwartet werden The academic paper can be written in German, English or Slovak
• Overview of potentially suitable cross border citizen participation models
• Concrete suggestions for two citizen participation models in the Bratislava cross-border agglomeration
• Testing of the format(s) in the course of a citizen meeting
• Realistic Implementation plan for these two models
• Several presentations (in English) during the concept-writing phase, one end presentation.
• The final document may be written in English, German or Slovak.
  Motivation und Beweggründe für die Themenwahl The existing BAUM-project (BratislavA Umland Management) focuses on the cross-co-operation and network-building for 22 municipalities/city districts in the Bratislava agglomeration. At the same time, a number of new cross-border initiatives in the fields of 1.) “Mobility”, 2.) “Space & Enironment” and 3.) “Local and municipal cooperatons” should be triggered by the project. At the moment, the ideas for new initiatives arise from expert-discussions and from political actors – we would also like to find a suitable model, how citizens from Austria and Slovakia can take part in the process of idea generation and how they can be motivated to participate also in the implementation of new initiatives. In the current BAUM project there one aspect of citizen participation is planned: we will organize a number of guided border walks – this bilingual meeting format is intended to reach the general public in the BAUM area, and hereby especially a mixed audience of Slovak and Austrian citizens. During this activity, 6 particular places along the Austrian/Slovak border will be put in the focus of attention. After the year 2020, the realization of a more intense citizen participation process is planned – a process, that goes well beyond the organization of border walks. The model that is elaborated by the students, will be the basis for these future activities within the cross-border Bratislava metropolitan region.  
  Projektbeginn frühestens/spätestens Preferred period: Summersemester 2018, start by February 2018 possible.  
  Dauer Concept needs to be finished by end 2019.  
  Aufwandsentschädigung A maximum of € 1.000 is available for costs that incur during the university course: fees, organization of meetings, printing, bustransfer, etc.  
  Ansprechperson Die Vermittlung erfolgt im Rahmen des Projekts Diplomarbeitsbörse; Ansprechpartner der NÖ.Regional.GmbH (Projektmanagement): Mag. Christian Berger, Mobil: 0676/88591329; christian.berger@noeregional.at  
  Projektstatus vermittelt  
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